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funny lolcat inspired images for Super Junior [suju +2]
lolcat inspired images for the korean boy band Super Junior [+2]
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Like any good community...which we are? Anyway, there are rules my friends. Rules? Rules.

~Pretty common things, all posts are to be about Super Junior, please and thanks. Super Junior community, it only makes sense.

~This is a Henry and Zhoumi hate-free zone, any disrespect will NOT be tolerated.

~All posts are preapproved by the Mods, I know its torture but the two power Mods agreed it would be good, at least for a while as this place maybe starts to pick up. Hopefully.

~If you are posting more than two pictures, please be a love and put it under a cut. If you dont know how to do a cut, dont be afraid to ask.

~Lets see...give credit? If you take something? And have fun with it. We power Mods are easy going, and we love comedy.

so please, please....bring us funny things. no seriously.